n3 truck crash illegal u-turn dashcam

Dashcam footage has emerged capturing a dramatic collision involving two trucks on the N3 highway in Harrismith.

The incident, which occurred at 21h22 on January 23, 2024, sheds light on the dangers of reckless driving and illegal U-turns.

The video footage shows a truck travelling on the N3 northbound just before Harrismith when suddenly, without warning, another truck attempts an illegal U-turn directly in its path.

The driver of the oncoming truck is left with no time to react, resulting in a collision with the turning vehicle’s trailer.

Miraculously, despite the severity of the impact, no injuries were reported in connection with the crash.

Consequences of illegal U-turns

This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution on the roads.

Illegal maneuovres such as U-turns in undesignated places pose significant risks to all motorists and can have devastating consequences.

SA Trucker urges all drivers to remain vigilant, obey traffic laws, and prioritize safety at all times while behind the wheel.

Watch the dashcam footage of the collision below:

The aftermath of the crash.

harrismith truck crash
Aftermath of the crash
harrismith truck crash
Aftermath of the crash
harrismith truck crash
Aftermath of the crash
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