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Dashcam Captures Truck Driver Fatally Injured in Queue-Jumping Incident on N4 Highway

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Side tipper traffic to Lebombo border post on the N4 highway took a tragic turn when a truck driver was killed in a queue-jumping incident on Tuesday.

The incident, captured on dashcam footage from another truck, unfolded when several trucks were seen jumping the queue on the busy highway.

According to the footage, the situation escalated when the driver of one of the trucks, visibly agitated by another truck forcing its way in front of his vehicle, stopped his truck and exited to confront the offending driver.

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In a dramatic scene, the driver, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, charged toward the truck that cut in line.

Attempting to evade the confrontation, the driver of the second truck moved his vehicle forward.

Tragically, he did not notice another truck overtaking at that moment.

Watch: Queue-Jumping Trucks Collide Leaving Two Drivers Seriously Injured on N4

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The ensuing collision was horrific, with the charging driver caught between the two large vehicles.

Emergency services were called to the scene, but the driver was pronounced dead upon their arrival.

The incident has reignited a heated debate about road safety and the behaviour of truck drivers on the Maputo corridor.

The N4 east highway, known for its heavy truck traffic, has been a topic of discussion in recent times, with this unfortunate event bringing the issue of road safety into sharp focus.

As the investigation continues, the trucking community mourns the loss of one of its members and reflects on the importance of patience and safety on the road.

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