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Dashcam Video Reveals Trucker Was Not Wrong in N2 Mossel Bay Fatal Crash With 2 Vehicles

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Dashcam video footage has exonerated the truck driver of any wrongdoing in the recent fatal crash on the N2 near Mossel Bay where his truck collided with two other vehicles.

On Monday, a social media storm erupted when pictures of the truck collision with the vehicles surfaced online.

Many users quickly jumped to the conclusion that the truck driver was at fault, as it appeared that his vehicle was on the wrong side of the road in the oncoming lane.

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However, the truth surfaced through newly revealed dashcam footage, which painted a completely different narrative and cleared the truck driver of any wrongdoing.

The widely circulated dashcam footage revealed the precise sequence of events leading up to the tragic collision.

Initially, the truck was peacefully travelling on the far left side of the two-way highway, strictly adhering to its designated lane.

Suddenly, a bakkie emerged from the opposite direction, unexpectedly veering straight into the path of the truck, resulting in the devastating accident.

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Following the collision, the involved vehicles came to a rest on the right-hand side lane, the oncoming lane, which led to the misleading assumption that the truck had been in the wrong lane at the time of impact.

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The dashcam footage provided a clear and unbiased account of the events, revealing the truck driver’s innocence in the unfortunate accident.

Authorities are now using this evidence to conduct a thorough investigation into the collision, aiming to determine the true cause and hold the responsible party accountable.

It just shows another reason why forward facing dashboard cameras are a necessity for every trucker.

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Without the dashcam footage coupled with the absence of the other party in the crash, the actual sequency of events would not have been known.

Watch the video here.

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