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A side tipper truck driver lives to tell the tale of his unbelievable escape from the jaws of death after making it out alive in a head into tail crash on the N5 near Paul Roux, between Bethlehem and Senekal in the Free State on Tuesday.

The terrifying crash occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning and quickly made rounds on social media, with images of the wreckage leaving many to wonder if anyone could have survived such a catastrophe.

The impact was so severe that the cab of the truck became completely squashed between the side tipper trailer and the rear of the other truck involved, leaving it barely recognizable.

According to a witness who reported to SA Trucker, the accident took place around 2 am on Tuesday morning.

The exact cause of the collision is yet to be determined, but it appears that the Freightliner had encountered gear problems, forcing it to pull off the road.

Truck Driver Miraculously Escape from the Jaws of Death in N5 Crash

Tragically, the dense fog further obscured visibility, making it impossible for the approaching MAN truck to avoid the collision.

Emergency responders acted swiftly, and the driver was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

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Despite the severity of the crash, the driver’s survival is being hailed as nothing short of a miracle.

The scene was managed by the competent teams from Joey’s and Senekal towing companies, who worked diligently to clear the wreckage and assist with the rescue efforts.

As authorities continue to investigate the root cause of the collision, the trucking community and the public at large extend their thoughts and prayers to the driver and hope for his speedy recovery.

A video of the crash scene has gone viral on SA Trucker App.