Did You Know! New Gen Scania Trucks have Rollover Side Curtain Airbags for Driver Protection

Scania revolutionised the truck industry by equipping its new truck generation with an extraordinary safety feature – the rollover side curtain airbags integrated into the headliner moulding above the doors.

This groundbreaking solution, never before seen in trucks, provides unparalleled protection for occupants in the event of a rollover crash, an incredibly severe type of truck accident which can claim the driver’s life.

According to Christofer Karlsson, the driving force behind Scania’s crash safety system, wearing a seat belt is vital to allow the safety systems to function effectively and prevent the driver from being ejected from the cab.

When combined with the steering wheel airbag and seat belt pretensioners, Scania’s rollover side curtain airbag significantly enhances the chances of survival for both the driver and passengers in case of a rollover accident.

The advanced safety measures integrated into the new generation of Scania trucks ensure far less severe consequences compared to any other truck on the market.

Scania has meticulously developed both active and passive safety features in its latest truck generation, prioritizing the protection of those inside the cab.

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By offering rollover side curtain airbags, Scania anticipates a substantial reduction in fatalities among drivers involved in rollover accidents.

Evasive maneuvres to avoid oncoming vehicles or obstacles often lead to truck rollovers.

Fatigue, a real threat for truck drivers in South Africa, is also a major factor causing rollover crashes.

If the truck veers off the road, there is typically inadequate load-bearing capacity, causing the vehicle to topple onto its side or even roll over entirely at high speeds.

Advanced sensor systems precisely determine when and if the rollover side curtain airbags and other airbags should be deployed, ensuring instantaneous inflation upon deployment.

Scania’s commitment to safety sets a new standard in the trucking industry, making their new truck generation the epitome of cutting-edge technology and protection for drivers and passengers alike.

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