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Driver caught steering car with feet fined R8000, driving licence suspended

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The man caught steering a red Range Rover with his feet on Moloto Road in Pretoria last year has been found guilty and fined R8000.

Pakistani national, Ikhalar Ul Haq, was convicted of reckless and negligent driving, Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesperson Simon Zwane told SA Trucker.

He added the motorist was sentenced to R8 000 fine or eight months imprisonment and his driving licence was suspended for six months.

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“He pleaded guilty to the charge,” said Zwane.

Ul Haq appeared in the Cullinan Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

He was captured on video hanging out of his red Range Rover while travelling along Moloto Road in Pretoria, almost a year ago.

He climbed out of the car and tried to steer it with his feet.

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In the video, the vehicle is meandering from the shoulder of the road to the other end of the lane while the man, perched on the car’s door, waves his arms above the roof.

Seconds later, another vehicle approach and its driver moves away from the Range Rover.

Ul Haq continues to drive recklessly but a short while later, he gets back into the driver’s seat when a truck approaches.

He was arrested by the National Traffic Anti-Corruption Unit, an investigative arm of the Road Traffic Management Corporation.

Moloto Road, which connects Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo, is a notoriously dangerous road in which accidents frequently occur.

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Last month, a video of a truck driver steering a truck with his legs on the busy N3 highway went viral online.

A passenger in the truck films the driver steering his truck with his right leg.

The truck driver can be seen lying back on his reclined seat with his hands resting on the bunk bed.

His right leg is in charge of the steering wheel while the left leg rests on the dashboard of his Freightliner truck.

The truck is travelling in the fast lane and even overtaking a tanker truck. On the opposite lanes, some cars and a truck can be seen approaching.

The truck driver looks so reluctant and not even caring a bit about what could go wrong with his actions on such a busy highway.

Unfortunately for the public, this driver has not yet been brought to book.

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