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Local Truck Driver Shot, Injured During ATDF-ASA Supported Anti-foreigner Protest

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A South African truck driver was shot and seriously injured during an ATDF-ASA supported protest against the employment of foreign nationals in the trucking industry on April 30, 2023.

The victim, a citizen of South Africa, was trapped along with numerous other drivers at the Highway Junction in Harrismith when ATDF-ASA protesters closed off the exit gates, preventing any trucks from leaving the truck stop.

The incident unfolded as the day progressed and the ATDF-ASA protesters eventually left the truck stop, allowing the drivers to resume their journeys towards Johannesburg.

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However, their path was soon obstructed when they encountered burning tyre barricades set up by protesters in Vosloorus. Faced with the looming threat of an attack, the trucker, who has chosen to remain anonymous, made the difficult decision not to stop, opting to force his way through the blockade.

As the truck approached the barricade, shots were fired, and the driver was struck in the leg and shoulder. Despite his injuries and profuse bleeding, the driver maintained his composure and continued driving until he reached the City Deep Truck Stop in Johannesburg. Once there, he sought immediate assistance for his wounds.

An ambulance was promptly dispatched to the scene and transported the injured driver to a nearby hospital. Medical examinations revealed that he had suffered two gunshot wounds. He remained in the hospital for 10 days, undergoing necessary treatment and receiving care from medical professionals.

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Currently, he is recovering at home, gradually regaining his strength.

The incident has highlighted the escalating tensions surrounding the employment of foreign nationals within the trucking industry in South Africa. The ATDF-ASA have been vocal in their demands for stricter regulations to prioritize local employment opportunities, expressing concerns over foreign nationals potentially undercutting wages and taking away job opportunities from South African citizens.

The truck driver’s harrowing experience serves as a grim reminder of the risks faced by individuals regardless of their nationality at the hands of the notorious truck drivers group. It underscores the urgent need for dialogue and collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders, government agencies, and trucking associations to address the concerns raised by both sides and find a balanced and sustainable solution.

Law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into the shooting, aiming to apprehend the individuals responsible for the attack.

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