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September fuel prices cut smaller than predicted

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The expected fuel price decrease for September will be lower than predicted due to the recent rise in the oil price and an underperforming rand.

South African motorists were hoping for fuel price drops of about R2.28 for 95 unleaded, R2.13 for 93 unleaded and a decrease of R1.16 in Diesel, but these estimations will be affected by the recent rise in the oil price and the weakening rand which results in an estimation of a fuel drop in price closer to R2.00 per litre.

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The predictions are based on unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund and The Department of Energy will release the September fuel prices at the start of the month.

No matter how small, any decrease in fuel prices will bring much needed relief to South African motorists who have had to pay record prices for fuel in recent months.

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