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Shoprite Group launches new Scania electric truck that glows in the dark

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In a first for South Africa, Shoprite Group says it’s bringing in a fully electric truck into it’s fleet.

The truck, a Scania Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and is 100% electric, with zero reliance on fossil fuels and it emits zero carbon dioxide, the group said.

After a full charge, the truck can drive for up to 350km hence it will be used for local deliveries. The group said it would use renewable energy generated by its existing solar installations to recharge the truck.

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The refrigerated truck has nine batteries, solar panels fitted to its roof and a fully electric cooling system which is also powered by its battery packs. It can hold approximately 16 pallets.

To make it more visible at night, the truck will also have special ‘glow in the dark’ signage.

Shoprite Group launches new Scania electric truck that glows in the dark
Shoprite Group’s new Scania electric truck that glows in the dark. Photo: Shoprite Group Youtube

“In the daylight, the signage can absorb and store particles. This stored energy is again emitted when it’s dark, resulting in a glow,” Shoprite said.

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“As Africa’s largest grocery retailer, the Shoprite Group places significant focus on reducing its environmental impact across its operations. One of the ways we’re doing this is by increasing the energy efficiency of our truck fleet.”

The addition of the new electric truck forms part of the group’s ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain.

The Shoprite group recently acquired over 100 of the most fuel-efficient Euro 5 compliant trucks in Southern Africa, and more than 900 of its trailers are fitted with solar panels, which enable the refrigeration and tailgate lift to continue to run on solar power even when the truck is switched off.

In October, Shoprite announced that it had increased its installed capacity of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems by 82% to 26,606 kWp. This was achieved through 143,674 square metres of solar panels at 62 sites – equivalent to the size of 20 soccer fields.

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“This is enough to power the equivalent of 3,735 households for one full year,” the group said.

In the last financial year, the group has increased its total renewable installations from 32 to 62. These now produce 40,894 MWh – 11,614 MWh more than in November last year.

The group has doubled down in its focus on growing its solar-powered and renewable electricity installations while improving energy efficiency to reduce its environmental footprint, further reducing added strain on the national electricity grid.

Other initiatives include a drive to reduce electricity consumption by installing LED lights at its sites, which has saved 399 million kWh to date.

The group has also increased its fleet of solar-powered trailers by 234, to a total of 1,041.

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