Top 10 most beautiful trucks in South Africa 2019

Top 10 most beautiful trucks in South Africa 2019

From thousands of trucks in South Africa, it definitely is not an easy job to pick the top 10 most beautiful ones. However, if you have loyal truck spotters and truck fanatics alike on your side the job can be done with much ease.

We asked truck fanatics across the country to vote for their best looking trucks and the response was hugely overwhelming.

Entrants came from all over the country and as expected, trucks from Durban and Cape Town dominated the list.

A beautiful truck is a clear manifestation of a passionate trucker, it costs a lot of money and dedication dressing a truck to the level of qualifying to be in the top 10 smartest trucks in South Africa.

To rank higher the picture itself has to be beautiful hence old or new stand the same chance of being SA Trucker’s most beautiful truck in South Africa.

Below is a list of 10 most beautiful trucks in South Africa 2019 as voted by truck fanatics. They are, however not arranged in any order, which one is your best of the best?




Bakers Transport
Siempre Logistics
Star Group Logistics
Fairdinkem Carriers

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