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Trucker Tragically Killed as Tyre Explodes During Inspection

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In a tragic incident on last week, a man lost his life in when a tyre on his truck unexpectedly exploded while he was inspecting it.

The victim, identified as Rakesh Ramnarine, met his untimely demise in a series of events that unfolded in Sangre Grande, Trinidad.

Rakesh Ramnarine killed by exploding tyre

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Ramnarine had pulled over to address a damaged line on his truck, setting the stage for the unfortunate incident.

During his attempt to make the necessary repairs, he sought assistance at a nearby store, Satyavi’s Hardware & Electronics, where he asked for a screwdriver.

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Hemant Joseph, the owner of the store, recounted that Ramnarine exited the shop and, within five minutes, a deafening explosion shook the area.

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Video footage from the store’s security camera revealed Ramnarine reaching under his truck, specifically between two of the rear tyres, at the moment of the blast.

In the aftermath, it was clear that the explosion had caused the tyre to disintegrate, leaving Ramnarine sprawled between the truck and the pavement.

Despite surviving the initial blast, he displayed signs of severe internal injuries, including damage to his jaw and profuse bleeding from his mouth.

Local law enforcement officers arrived at the scene promptly, securing the area and calling for an ambulance.

However, as time passed without the ambulance’s arrival, a compassionate bystander offered to use his truck to transport Ramnarine to the hospital.

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With the help of passers-by and the assistance of the police, Ramnarine was carefully placed on the back of the volunteer’s truck and taken to the hospital.

Tragically, despite all efforts, Rakesh Ramnarine was pronounced dead upon arrival at the medical facility.

Subsequently, the truck involved in the incident was relocated to the nearby Sangre Grande Police Station, where it remained throughout the afternoon on Monday.

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