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Watch: 3 Truck Road Rage, Gun And A Simbine-like Sprinting Trucker

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The best way to avoid road rage is to avoid the aggressive part and resist the urge to retaliate, says SA Trucker.

It gets worse when it’s more than two parties involved as you will notice in the video at the end of the article.

In the 66 seconds long dashcam footage recorded from a truck which is last in a convoy of three trucks, we see the recording truck illegally overtaking the truck in the middle.

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The overtaking trucker makes a hand gesture to the driver he is passing, presumably asking what was wrong. He makes another gesture which one may say that he was calling him mad.

He gets distracted while doing that and fails to notice that the truck in lead is blocking his way by cutting in front of him.

When he eventually notices it, he swerves to the left to avoid hitting the back of the front truck.

As he swerves, he pushes the truck he was overtaking off the road and misses the front truck by a whisker and passes.

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This was only the beginning of a war, watch the first video and read on.

All the three truckers stopped on the side of the road to iron things out.

The overtaking trucker walks towards three men standing behind his truck. Just 2 seconds into the meeting one of the men lurches onto him and starts assaulting him and staggers to the ground.

The other 2 men try to hold back their colleague and stop him from attacking the other trucker.

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As the assaulted man regains his footing he draws out a firearm. You may agree with me that the speed you will see in the next video can qualify this trucker for the Olympics.

On sight of the artillery, the attacker spontaneously turns into an Akani Simbine and dashes off at full speed.

One wonders how the bully felt exchanging positions with his victim so fast.

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Watch the second video below:

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