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Watch: Dashcam Footage of Serious Truck Crash on N3 at Ashburton

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Dashcam footage has emerged of a serious crash involving a truck and two other cars on the N3 Durban bound near Ashburton on Thursday morning.

In the video, the truck’s speed dramatically decreases from an initial 71 km/h.

The driver is seen multitasking, speaking on a cellphone while attempting to bring the truck to a halt due to a standstill in traffic ahead.

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The slippery road conditions, caused by wet weather, make it even more challenging to bring the vehicle to a stop.

As the truck’s speed drops to approximately 24 km/h, it collides with a bakkie, causing it to jackknife.

Thankfully, no fatalities were reported in this incident.


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However, the crash had a significant impact on traffic in both directions, with another truck collision on the opposite side of the freeway further exacerbating the situation.

View the video below to witness the dramatic event.

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