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Watch: Hero trucker, Ejiro Otarigho, drives away burning fuel tanker to remove it from people

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Ejiro Otarigho, a Nigerian fuel tanker driver is being hailed a hero after he risked his life to drive a burning fuel tanker so that he could take it away from a crowded place in Agbarho.

Otarigho put his own life at risk by driving the truck with the fire from the main town down to the outskirts of Agbarho riverside.

His actions averted a fire catastrophe that could have taken many lives

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Ejiro, who recently got married “had decided not to be selfish with his life and family concerns, but made up his mind to risk his own life to prevent a major fire accident that would have thrown the entire State into pandemonium from happening”.

In a situation like this, another truck driver would have abandoned the already burning truck laden with diesel on the road and escape with his life.

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But, Mr Otarigho, in that pathetic state of mind, made up his mind to perish in the fire until he had driven the fire engulfed truck out of the human-populated environment to the river.

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Ejiro said he was driving the burning fuel tanker to the river.

To appreciate his heroics, Nigerians are now raising money online to buy him a new truck.

Watch the video below:

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