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Watch: NWB side tipper truck filmed driving recklessly on N2 near Hluhluwe

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With so many truck crashes on our roads daily, one can understand the frustration it causes on other motorists. Instead of waiting for the traffic officials to do the policing, the public has taken it upon themselves to collect evidence against reckless drivers.

Yesterday, on the N2 south just after Hluhluwe a motorist, who was a passenger in a car, filmed a side tipper truck from North West Bulk as it broke several road traffic rules and endangered other motorists.

The motorist wrote;

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“I’m traveling on the N2 just before Hlululwe.

“This truck with your branding (NWB) has been driving very dangerously.

“He has overtaken on solid lines, other trucks have had to slow down and a few cars have had to completely slow down. Overtaking on blind rises and when a car flashes or a truck flashes at him he would stick his hand out the window (not sure why)”.

The motorist, who was a passenger in a car, filmed all the evidence of the allegations.

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Just recently, a side tipper truck driver was also caught on camera driving dangerously on the N11 at Majuba pass.

Watch: NiDa truck driver recklessly overtaking, pushing a bakkie off the road

His truck side-swiped a bakkie almost pushing it off the road.

His employer, NiDa Transport, did not waste time and showed him the door.

SA Trucker urges fellow truckers to always drive safely and have patience as lack of it may end up causing you to endanger yourself and others.

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With recent videos of reckless and dangerous driving surfacing on social media, truckers should know that their actions will not go unnoticed.

In the latest incident, the motorist has been in contact with the company who promised to take action against the driver.

“Hi, I hope you are well. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will find out who the driver is and take action against him,” North West Bulk said responding to the motorist.

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