armoured UD Kuzer truck
The custom replacement cab is fabricated from bullet-resistant steel and top-quality ballistic glass. Image: Supplied

Local armoured car specialist SVI Engineering is offering a new factory-backed B6 armouring package for the popular UD Kuzer RKE 150 truck.

Trading its standard cab for a version custom fabricated from bullet-resistant steel and top-quality ballistic glass, the SVI-converted UD Kuzer truck offers its driver and front passengers protection against assault rifles up to 7.62×51 mm (including AK47, R5 and R1).

The conversion is approved by UD Trucks Southern Africa and can be ordered through any dealer in the Japanese firm’s local network, with the standard manufacturer warranty remaining in place.

“We developed this cab replacement solution not only for clients transporting high-value cargo – such as electronics, cigarettes and food products – but also for several other applications,” said SVI CEO Jaco de Kock.

“For example, since the UD Kuzer’s load body design is adaptable to different customer requirements, it can be configured as a cash-in-transit vehicle or even an armoured personnel carrier. In addition, we offer the option to shorten the chassis if required.”

armoured ud kuzer truck

The B6 cab replacement for the UD Kuzer RKE 150 – which is available in both manual and automatic guise – is priced from R597,780 (excluding VAT), while box body options are offered, as is SVI’s optional intelligent locking system, which boasts geofencing and one-time pin functionality.

The build time is set at about three months, though this drops to as little as a single month should SVI have a cab in stock.

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