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Watch: The consequences of insecure loading

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I am not bringing anything new to you but just a reminder and a real life illustration of how bad things could turn out if you as a driver fail to do your duty of securing your load.



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Safety has been preached about from every corner that some will even say it has become boring. Please bear with me because there is one person maybe your loved one who did not have this information but from today he will be equipped.

In the video a truck is shown with an insecure load and the rest you will see in the video as the loose load falls and rolls away. A car swerves to avoid colliding with it.

This is one lucky trucker. You may not be as lucky, there have been instances where an insecure load fell onto other vehicles causing deaths and injuries.

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The result is you may be charged with culpable homicide.

Even if the customer is responsible for loading, you need to make sure the load is secured properly because the consequences will haunt you.

The next time you load just take note!

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