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Driver Association seeks Zambian gvt help in repatriation of remains of trucker killed in Zim crash

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SADC Truck Drivers Association of Zambia has appealed to the government of Zambia to intervene in the repatriation and funeral of a truck driver, Osward Musukwa, who died in a fiery truck accident in Zimbabwe.

Musukwa was involved in a road accident at Wafa Wafa near Makuti in Zimbabwe and his truck caught fire burning him to death on the morning of 7 July.

Officials said he was burnt to ashes.

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“When the recovery crew picked up the trailer they discovered the remains of a person prompting the Zimbabwean authorities to investigate the existence of a second person in the truck,” said SADC Truck Drivers Association of Zambia Regional Coordinator, Andrew Kabaghe.

He said the Zim forensic expert says he understood the trauma the relatives and close friends are passing through due to the delay in having the deceased’s remains but emphasized that the DNA tests were necessary as authorities needed to establish if limbs found under the trailers were that of Musukwa or another person.

“He said it might take a week to complete this process as the DNA test has to be done in South Africa,”

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“When I asked why the same test couldn’t be done in Zambia, he said, that could be a great idea provided we foot the bill here in Zambia,” said Kabaghe.

“It is for this reason that we are appealing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Zambia and the Zambian Government to intervene,” Kabaghe added.

He said that the family had appealed to the association to assist them as the funeral has dragged from the 7th of July.

He also appealed for donations towards Musukwa’s funeral gathering.

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