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Here is how South African cities rank in traffic jams

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Peak hour traffic congestion is a pain for motorists everywhere in South Africa, but you can take comfort to know that as long as you are not in Cape Town, your traffic jam is not the worst in the country.

According to INRIC Global Traffic Report Cape Town is the most congested city in SA, with drivers spending an average of 124 hours a year in traffic, beating Johannesburg which came second with 74 hours and Pretoria third with 65 hours.

Durban dropped from third spot where it was previously tied with Pretoria to sixth spot, with commuters spending 24 hours in traffic.

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The 2019 global traffic report was published by connected car and transportation analytics company INRIX. It calculates time lost in congestion and uses peak, off-peak and free-flow data to calculate daily commutes within a city.


  1. Cape Town (global ranking 29)
  2. Johannesburg (global ranking 71)
  3. Pretoria (global ranking 101)
  4. Pietermaritzburg (global ranking 410)
  5. Port Elizabeth (global ranking 448)
  6. Durban (global ranking 470)
  7. East London (global ranking 511)
  8. Bloemfontein (global ranking 636)
  9. Vanderbijlpark (global ranking 857)
  10. Welkom (global ranking 979)

On the world map, Cape Town ranked 29th most congested cities in the 2019 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard.

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You may now be thinking that if Cape Town is not the worst in the world, how worse can be number one.

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Well, in the most congested city of the world, drivers lose an average of 191 hours to traffic jams and claiming the infamous title of most congested city in the world was Bogota, Colombia.

Overall, Latin American and European cities dominated the top 10 list, with Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City rounding out the top three spots.

Nine hundred cities across 43 countries were studied.


  1. Bogota, Colombia
  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  3. Mexico City, Mexico
  4. Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Paris, France
  8. London, UK
  9. Boston, USA
  10. Chicago, USA
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