truck shot dunoon

A Cape Town truck driver has shared his ordeal at the hands of a trigger-happy robber in Dunoon on Monday afternoon.

The trucker was driving on Potsdam road when he stopped at the robot.

“Out of nowhere a man appeared on my door and pointing a gun at me, he tried to open the door. When he discovered that it was locked, he went to the front of my truck and fired a single gunshot towards me, I was so scared,” he narrated.

He said that the suspect walked away as if nothing had happened and he quickly drove off.

As he drove off, people in the car behind him witnessed the shooting and feared that he may have been injured and they followed him.

“I saw this car behind me flashing me, at first I thought it was the suspect’s crew and kept driving, but after their persistence, I decided to stop but still in shock,” said the truck driver.

He said that he was relieved to discover that it was an elderly couple who had witnessed the shooting and they wanted to check if he was okay.

Upon checking the truck he discovered that the bullet had pierced through the screen, and the steering wheel before hitting his seat just between the legs.

“A slight change of the degree of the shot, I would have been shot and who knows where the bullet would hit, I am happy to be alive but I am struggling to understand why he had to shoot,” he concluded.