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Watch: Fortuner Takes Out Biker After Being Cut Off by A Truck

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Video footage has emerged online showing a truck cutting off a Toyota Fortuner on the freeway.

In the 32-second video, the truck can be seen changing from the slow lane to the fast lane.

As the truck changes lanes, it cuts off a Silver Toyota Fortuner already travelling on the fast lane.

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The SUV driver struggles to reduce speed to avoid crashing into the truck.

The Fortuner swerves out of control and hit a biker who was about to join the freeway from an onramp.

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The biker is thrown off the bike and lands on the side of the road.

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The video, captured from a helmet camera worn by one of the bikers, shows that the biker was part of a group of over nine bikers who were on a ride together.

The place of the crash is not known, however, the surroundings look like it’s on the N3 in the Estcourt area.

Watch the video below:

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