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Trailer surfer killed as another truck crashes into back of his ride

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A truck surfer and a driver have been killed in a two truck collision on N3 highway at Van Reenen on Wednesday night.

Emer-G-Med paramedics responded to the scene of the fatal heavy motor vehicle accident at 22h00.

On arrival at the scene on the Johannesburg bound carriageway in the vicinity of Van Reenen, paramedics found two trucks had collided.

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A rigid truck rear-ended an articulated truck causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle which careened off the roadway, smashing into the barrier.

The rigid truck driver and only occupant of the vehicle was found to have sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased on arrival.

On further inspection a second male was found pinned between the two wreckages.

Reports from the scene suggest the man to have been truck surfing at the time of the collision.

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The man was found to be deceased on arrival of paramedics.

The roadway remained closed for several hours to allow for emergency services to clear the scene and the South African Police Services to conduct the necessary investigations.

Truck surfing is an act where a person climbs onto the rear of heavy duty vehicles and hitch rides without the driver of the vehicle knowing.

Truck surfing
Trailer surfing causes injury or death. Pic: P Bvindi

The act is very dangerous and can cause injury or death as seen in this instance.

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